Building a Framework for Financial Freedom

In today’s blog post, I’m going to outline the idea of building a framework which I would like to use for my journey towards achieving financial freedom. The first thing is to come up with a crude framework to start with, keeping it open for future enhancements. As we embark on this journey together, let’s keep an open mind and embrace the power of collective feedback and ideas. This framework is a starting point, ready to evolve with insights and suggestions from readers like you. Let’s create a brighter financial future and reclaim control of our lives together.

I plan to go about this by listing out the main points that need to be touched in order to bring about positive changes in our lives using atomic habits, persistence, hard work and whatever it takes. A system which could be followed by anyone who has the desire and the will to break free from this rate race that life has become or has been since eons.

I have been working on such a framework for sometime (for me personally) and this is how it looks like from a very high level:

NOTE: Please note that the italicized “Finances” section below is what will evolve into the full blown Financial Freedom Framework! 

1. Life Strategy

Cover life and business strategy (if you have any Business). Be sure to structure you life with a clear financial plan.

2. Life Tactics

Have a system to run your life: Probably an online Calendar, some kind of a Tasks App or even a Notepad/Organizer would be good.

3. Data

How you organize Data and Information in your life (Your in-head and Physical Filing System so to speak). This should help organize stuff in your life and reduce clutter and overwhelm with information overload.

4. Personal

    • Spiritual
    • Family
    • Health
    • etc…
    • Finances
    • etc… other Categories, whatever is important to you.

5. Business

If you are a Solopreneur or Business owner etc., have clarity on how it fits into your personal life and how it is all organized.

6. Work

If you work a 9-5 job or a Part-time job, you still need to organize and be on top of that stuff. Do it here.

The Approach

  • Chronicle some of the interesting stories, videos and individuals who have managed to really break free from the survival game and achieved, or are on the road to achieving financial freedom and try to distill out some wisdom and practices from them to build this framework.
  • Focus is to keep the system simple enough that a normal person can adhere to it on a day to day basis. Nobody can follow an encyclopedia of instructions in their life. So, keep it simple!
  • Solicit feedback from viewers and adjusting the framework, effectively streamlining it over time.
  • This way come up with a system that anyone can follow (without any monetary interests behind it).
  • I’m sure as part of this exercise, the structure and layout of this site might also undergo changes, and that is fine. We’re here to experiment and figure out what works and what does not.
  • Yeah and one more thing, I’ll be using ChatGPT/Bard or any other AI tools to get the work done.

The location for the Financial Freedom Framework page is

Certainly, if someone finds genuine contentment in their current life situation, thrives within the corporate 9-5 rat race, and enjoys keeping up with societal norms (keeping up with the Joneses stuff), they are free to bypass this experiment.

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