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One of the purposes of starting this Site and Platform is to explore the possibilities of a completely new Business model for our Company and experimenting with it. I want to create a completely new paradigm of creating and running Companies/Businesses because I’m almost getting sick of seeing Corporations treating employees like some kind of dispensable commodity to be utilized and thrown away at their whims and fancies – to generate profits for the shareholders. But that only serves the shareholders, not the employees, meaning the majority of humanity. Life HAS to be more meaningful than this bill paying cog-wheel entities that we have evolved into today.

In today’s world, we have reached a point where the traditional capitalist model has become increasingly unsustainable. This model of prioritizing profit and growth above all else, has led to environmental degradation, social inequality, economic instability and a host of other problems that threaten our planet and its people. It also looks for short term gains at the expense of long-term sustainability.

At ReclaimUrLife, we believe that a new paradigm of sustainable business needs to be explored for creating a better future for all. As someone who has been exploring the concept of sustainable business, I believe that the key to creating a truly sustainable model lies in moving away from profit and greed as the primary motivators of business. The aim is to create a paradigm that moves beyond the traditional approaches to running companies and businesses. The intention is to challenge the perception of employees as disposable resources solely focused on generating profits for shareholders. Instead, the goal is to create a more meaningful and sustainable approach that benefits both employees and society as a whole. For this, we need to shift our focus to building businesses that are centered around the needs of the people and the planet, rather than simply maximizing profits. Acknowledging the vital role of employees (who do the ACTUAL work), we advocate for a system where they have a greater stake in the business and can benefit more from the profits they help generate through their hard work.

One approach would be to focus on creating shared value. This involves identifying areas where the interests of the business and society intersect, and creating innovative solutions that benefit both. For example, a business might develop a product that addresses a social or environmental challenge, while also generating revenue.

To emphasize my point, I’d cite this statistic from Statista Research Department here: In 2021, it was estimated that the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio was 398.8 in the United States. This indicates that, on average, CEOs received about 398.8 times the annual average salary of production and non-supervisory workers. Well, I do not discount the importance and contributions of the upper management and CEOs, but any argument, I simply do not think that CEO’s deserve 400 times more compensation than the average employees, who do the actual work that runs the company.

We firmly believe that businesses can be agents of positive change. By collaborating and working collectively, we can build a future that is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous for all.

More stats and information will be added to this post going forward. But for now please comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on this. Curious to see if you agree or disagree with this premise.

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