I’m Starting Freelancing

Freelancing Fiverr

As part of the financial freedom journey, one of the items in the Financial Freedom Framework is to “Figure out ways to increase your income“. So, taking the first step towards that end, I had started a Gig on Fiverr a few weeks back, though no traction on it yet! I’m going to spruce it up a bit today to make it more professional and attract some customers.

Here is the link to it (It deals with WordPress): Build, design, redesign, fix or revamp wordpress website | Fiverr

Update on 06/14

I have created another Gig for Shopify and here is the link to it: I will build, customize or fix issues with your shopify store

BTW, I might keep on tweaking them and even adding additional Gigs as needed.

Thanks for checking it out!

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