What is ReclaimUrLife Platform

This website is created as an experiment to pursue and achieve Financial Freedom for myself and my family and in the process, hopefully create a Network and Community of people who would also be interested in looking into the possibilities of making Financial Freedom a reality for ALL (I mean everyone in society).

Why am I doing this?

At ReclaimUrLife.com, we believe that humans have reached a point where we should aspire to cherish life to its full potential, rather than being limited by older narratives handed out to us by Capitalists etc., who would much rather like you to continue as skilled wage slaves to be utilized as cogwheels for their never-ending money-making madness. Everyone deserves to live a life free from the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job.

With the advancements in technology and the advent of artificial intelligence, it’s time to think outside the box and move on to the next level of existence. I have no idea how this would be possible, but this is the experiment and playground for me and our Community to explore it as a group and journal that process so that myself and others like me, who are interested to pursue a life of freedom can break free from this 9-5 rat race. I mean what is the point of working for someone for peanuts and getting fired at their whims and fancies? It’s as if life is all about THEIR goals, their profits and their shareholders. The people who do the real work and make a sustainable life on earth possible (read non-bullshit jobs or you could also call them Essential Workers) have been becoming more and more expendable. I feel this is getting on our nerves now. No wonder you are seeing trends like “Quite quitting”, “The Great Resignation”, “Pay Transparency”, “Career cushioning” and employees rejecting the return to office mandates etc.

That brings us to our Vision and Mission:

Vision Statement

To explore the possibilities for EVERYONE to be able to live with Financial freedom.

Mission Statement

The mission is to empower myself to be able to take control and live life on my own terms = ReclaimUrLife, and eventually, with the insights and lessons learnt on the way, create a Platform or Network that can provide the Community, Knowledgebase, Resources, and Tools needed to take control of our lives.

Feel like giving a punch line to this whole thing? Here are two of them that come to mind:

  • The Time, Location, and Financial Freedom Project.
  • Financial Freedom Newtwork.

I guess, we’ll decide which one is better sometime in the future based on some community poll or something!

First Things First: The Approach

So, this site is not about the achievement of Financial Freedom for a few individuals based on the mostly un-sustainable traditional approaches of entrepreneurship, hustle culture/burnout, competing for scarce resources driven by humanity’s age-old animalistic instincts of survival and greed, but about moving to the next level of human existence or consciousness in order to move to a newer paradigm of living life with abundance rather than the infinite growth hamster wheel nonsense.

Now since we know that challenging a system that has evolved over hundreds of years due to various historical and societal influences by a small group of individuals or even larger groups is not going to be practical. Furthermore since society has been indroctinated and primed into believing that this is the only way to live and survive, trying to tackle this head on would be a really bad idea, which would not go anywhere. Its also possible that most of the people would not even be interested in such an idea and might just not care for any such utopias. They might just be happy with the way things are and content to be exploited by the 1% as long as they are able to survive on wage slavery.

So, I’m thinking of taking a two-step approach which will be beneficial for people like us who really want to break free from this rat race (even if majority of the people support it or not, it does not matter).

Phase I: Help Yourself Escape from Wage Slavery

So, in the first Phase, staying within the existing system, you do whatever it takes to make yourself financially independent. You’ll be glad that at least you have saved yourself from the clutches of this system first.

Phase II: Join Forces to Influence the Broader Ecosystem/Society

Then for the good stuff – collaborating with other like-minded people, groups and organizations for creating the momentum to make things happen for humanity. It’s not an easy task, but at least thinking about and working towards such a utopia gives more meaning to my life than tolerating this collective human idiocy of wage slavery.

The Site & Platform Layout Based on the Above Approach

Stuff for Phase I

Community: A place to discuss and brainstorm ideas for Financial Independence. Please understand that all we are doing here is trying to glean useful information and resources related to Financial Freedom and related topics and arranging it in an orderly fashion for easy comprehension and execution – i.e., if you are convinced about its usefulness to your particular situation. There is no guarantee for it to be accurate or correct – it is a journey of discovery by trial and error. Use your own judgement and wisdom on what to accept and what to reject. It is structured hierarchically as follows:

Groups: Based on the above Communities.

Blog: Random rants from the Admin/s.

Financial Freedom Framework: This is the accumulated Wisdom from our Community. This is an evolving section like a wiki, which will grow over time. Some additional resources are:

Stuff for Phase II

Facebook Group: Imagining a Financially Free Society

Patreon Site for writing the book called Breaking Out of The Human Condition: “Breaking Out of the Human Condition” is a book that I’m currently writing (as time permits) that attempts to capture various observations about the Human Condition that could be contributing to our current state of affairs. I believe that basing the Financial Freedom Framework on that foundation would be the best approach to come up with something that is practical to comprehend and implement in real life. On the Patreon site, we will have the following:

  • Excerpts from the Book in the works in order to obtain valuable insights and feedback from the Patrons.
  • Develop the Utopia: A place to discuss new ideas and paradigms on the possibilities of how society could eventually replace this wage slavery and rat race with something more meaningful for Humans – i.e., how can everybody become Financially free.

Weekly Newsletter: We have a weekly newsletter called “Beyond the Rat Race“. You can Subscribe to it from the bottom of this page.

Store: Online Merch for inspiration and promoting the concept of a Financially free Society.

Other Tools: We also have other features like Polls etc., to collect feedback from our visitors & Community. Over time, we will plan on having one or more of these, depending on how things develop on this Platform:

  • Facebook Group
  • YouTube Channel
  • Podcast
  • Think Tank: By collaborating with like-minded folks and organizations around the world.

I hope that this intro gives you a good idea of what to expect on this site, how to navigate it and leverage it for your Financial Freedom pursuits first and eventually for exploring a brighter future for everyone.

A Word About our Logo

Elements of the Logo

  1. Clock Icon:
    • Time Freedom: The clock represents time freedom, an essential part of achieving a balanced lifestyle. The hands of the clock are set sarcastically from 9 to 5, highlighting the conventional work hours that many aim to move beyond. This indicates a desire to break free from the traditional work schedule and gain control over one’s time.
  2. Location Icon:
    • Location Freedom: The location pin symbolizes location freedom, suggesting that achieving financial independence allows one to live and work from anywhere. This freedom to choose one’s location is a significant aspect of the modern pursuit of a flexible and fulfilling lifestyle.
  3. Dollar Sign with Wings:
    • Financial Freedom: At the bottom of the location icon, there is a small circle containing a dollar sign with wings. This imagery signifies financial freedom, suggesting that financial stability provides the ability to “take flight” and pursue one’s dreams without being anchored by financial constraints.

Interpretation of the Logo

Holistic Freedom: Combining these elements, the logo conveys the comprehensive goal of reclaimurlife.com – to help individuals attain a lifestyle that offers freedom of time, location, and financial independence.

For more information, check out our FAQ and Terms of Service pages.

Got Additional Questions or Ideas/Suggestions?

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