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This is a Time, Location, and Financial Freedom Project.

This website is created as an experiment to pursue Financial Freedom for myself and in the process, looking into the possibility of coming up with an Approach or Framework that can make Financial Freedom a reality for everyone who cares about it.

Why am I doing this?

At, we believe that humans have reached a point where we should aspire to cherish life to its full potential, rather than being limited by old narratives handed out to us by Capitalists etc., who would much rather like you to continue as skilled wage slaves to be utilized as cogwheels for their never-ending money-making madness.

With the advancements in technology and the advent of artificial intelligence, it’s time to think outside the box and move on to the next level of existence. As I have mentioned at other places also, I have no idea how this would be possible, but this is the experiment and playground for me and our Community to explore it and journal that process so that myself and others like me, who are interested to pursue a life of freedom can break free from this 9-5 rat race. I mean what is the point of working for someone for peanuts and getting fired at their whims and fancies? It’s as if life is all about their goals, their profits and their shareholders. The people who do the real work and make that possible have been becoming more and more expendable. I feel this is getting on our nerves now. No wonder you are seeing trends like “Quite quitting”, “The Great Resignation”, “Pay Transparency”, “Career cushioning” and employees resisting to return to office mandates etc.

That brings us to our Vision and Mission:

Vision Statement

To explore the possibilities for everyone to be able to live with Financial freedom.

Mission Statement

The mission is to empower myself to be able to take control and live life on my own terms = ReclaimUrLife, and eventually, with the insights and lessons learnt on the way, create a Platform or Network that can provide the Community, Knowledgebase, Resources, and Tools needed to take control of our lives. In that sense, this is going to be a journal of my personal journey and insights in the pursuit of achieving Financial Independence.

A word about our Logo

Coming soon..

Navigation: How is the Site and Platform structured?

I hope that this introduction gives you a good idea of what to expect on this website, how to navigate it and leverage it for your Financial Freedom pursuits!

For more information, check out our FAQ and Terms of Service pages.

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