Elon Musk Takes a Swing at MBAs

  • Elon Musk Takes a Swing at MBAs

  • freeman

    October 22, 2023 at 1:10 am

    The main points

    • True innovation often stems from the “engineers who actually build things,” not necessarily those with business degrees.
    • It highlights the crucial role of engineers. They’re the ones designing and building the products. While MBAs might bring valuable skills to the table once a company hits its stride, Elon points to the importance of the degree holder having some real-world experience under their belt – you know, besides learning all those fancy financial terms.
    • Quotes I found funny but can’t agree less (though I’m no fan of him):
      • “Spend less time on Finance, Conference Rooms, PowerPoints and more time trying the product as good as possible”.
      • “Somebody goes to these MBA schools, Parashoots in as a leader…”.
      • “I think there might too many MBA’s running companies”.
    • The core message? Companies shouldn’t get too caught up in the allure of the MBA and neglect the engineers who are the backbone of any innovative endeavor. Tesla, a company known for its focus on engineering and product development rather than marketing and finance, is presented as a prime example of this philosophy.

    Definitely a breath of fresh air amidst the corporate bullshit jobs making the rounds.

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