Push for Universal Healthcare for all in the US

  • Push for Universal Healthcare for all in the US

  • freeman

    October 14, 2021 at 4:55 am

    Healthcare should be accessible to one and all, it is a basic human right. America has one of the most profit-driven healthcare in the world, which makes premium healthcare facility in the country inaccessible to ordinary people. Many experts and activists have been fighting to gain the concept of Universal Healthcare concept some traction. With the 2020 presidential campaign on the way, universal health care is a concept that’s finally gaining some well-deserved attention. All the more reason why it’s time to push for a change. In the current scenario, where the health insurance companies, hospitals, and other Medicare businesses are minting money from the need for healthcare as a necessity, the question really is making healthcare accessible to majority versus a smaller minority.

    Universal healthcare reduces the cost of medical services for all citizens alike and lowers healthcare costs for an economy too. With increased government interference, there will be more scope for negotiation and regulation amongst medical service providers. It will also eliminate administrative costs, standardize billing and offer standard services across the board. Even the most commonly prescribed medications are 5-10 times more expensive in comparison to Canada. While it is true that some part of the profit made from the medication business by pharmaceutical companies is invested in research and development to find new cures, studies have shown that a greater percentage of it goes into marketing and sales.

    That’s not all, a closer investigation into the nation’s current healthcare system will lead to revealing fraudulent schemes and practices. From billings for services not rendered to incorrect reporting of diagnoses or procedures, there are several healthcare fraud activities that occur. For a country with over 18% of the GDP from healthcare, which is the highest in comparison to other developed countries, it’s imperative to implement Universal Healthcare for the welfare of its citizens.

    So, why is US the only industrialized nation in the world that does not provide Universal healthcare benefits to its citizens? The answer to it is that universal coverage and high health care costs are interlinked. Universal health coverage is a strategic decision that needs to be made for the welfare of the citizens. From the 33 developed countries, except one country, all the others have either of the one model – single-payer system, insurance mandate, and a two-tier approach. Free healthcare is a need and no longer a want. Quality healthcare and medical services to all citizens of a developed country regardless of the ability to pay to is something the American Government should provide and is long due. Most government healthcare is funded by the taxes paid by the citizens and the US citizens are willing to contribute more for quality healthcare.

    Prior to having Obamacare, over 46% of the patients opted to take advantage of the emergency room services instead of a primary care physician. This definitely drove up to the healthcare costs for the government. Why not invest in a plan that is mutually beneficial for the citizens as well as the government? As more and more activism surfaces, we hope we succeed in ending the private health-insurance bureaucracy and regulate the medical care prices. Making healthcare accessible to all and providing quality treatments at low costs is a necessity that is long overdue.

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    • This discussion was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  freeman.
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