Why People are Choosing to Prioritize Themselves Over Any Company

  • Why People are Choosing to Prioritize Themselves Over Any Company

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  • freeman

    April 9, 2023 at 8:21 pm

    Ten reasons she never intends to go back to a regular job again:

    • The treatment of employees by customers, has gotten out of hand. Companies do not back up their employees when customers behave poorly.
    • Management is starting to treat employees like children. Examples: limiting bathroom breaks to three minutes, forcing employees to only use company-approved cups, which turned out to be adult sippy cups.
    • The office/company culture and backstabbing. Working in an office environment is like being in high school, with people going to management or HR to get others fired on flimsy reasons.
    • Job security is becoming increasingly rare. People who work regular jobs are one paycheck away from being homeless. Companies are more concerned with making profits than with providing job security.
    • Lack of control over one’s schedule, leading to stress and burnout.
    • Lack of upward mobility. People are often stuck in the same position for years, with little opportunity for advancement.
    • Lack of creativity and independence. Many regular jobs are repetitive and do not allow for creativity or independent thinking.
    • Lack of fulfillment. Many people are not passionate about their regular jobs and do not find them fulfilling.
    • The cost of commuting can be expensive and time-consuming. Many people spend hours each day commuting to and from work, and that this can be draining and unproductive.

    In conclusion, she believes that regular jobs are often not worth the time, energy, and stress that they require. She suggests that people should consider alternative ways of earning a living, such as starting a business, freelancing, or investing in real estate. She notes that these options may require more work and risk, but that they also offer more freedom, creativity, and control over one’s life.

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