Abolish and STOP all existing Spousal Alimony

  • Abolish and STOP all existing Spousal Alimony

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    October 15, 2021 at 12:11 am

    What is this campaign about:

    This is a campaign to push for family law reforms to stop the Alimony/Maintenance payments to spouses who are not working. The goal is to push for reforms in all the states where this menace is present. I don’t know how this campaign will evolve, only time will tell. But, with persistence, we will eventually come up with some concrete plan of action.

    From the point of view of Matrimony:

    The premise is this: Marriage should only be based on love and one should not get anything else but love from a marriage. Financial responsibilities are not a part of marriage. So Please end this tyranny and save people from this torture. Whether you decide to work during marriage or stay at home and raise children is all your own decision. Nobody forced you to do so. All married people should enter into matrimony keeping in mind that if they get divorced in the future, each will have to fend for themselves. Nobody is responsible for the other persons upkeep whatsoever. You better get a job well in advance if you forsee a divorce down the line or something. Infact it is horrible and silly that society and law are guranteeing the non working spouse of a regular source of income and standard of living after divorce… are you kidding me? In the corporate world or work place, there is no freaking gurantee that you will have your job the next day or you will get an equally paying job once you lose your current one. Then how the hell do you think is it fair to gurantee the non working lazy ex-spouse a gurantee of comforatble pay check indefinately into the future?

    On the legal side:

    Alimony is a violation of ones civil rights (13th and 14th amendments). Alimony fits all of the criteria of involuntary servitude under Title 18. USC, Sec. 1584 and Peonage under Title 18. USC, Sec. 1581 which prohibits using force, the threat of force, or the threat of legal coercion to compel a person to work against his/her will. In addition, the victim’s involuntary servitude must be tied to the payment of a debt. Therefore alimony is illegal and violates the anti-slavery laws in the United States. They also place ones rights at a greater need than another, the spouse that ends up paying alimony is force to alter their lives to be able to afford to pay for their ex-spouses lifestyle. This is not equal protection that is granted by the 14th amendment.

    Disclosure: I got this legal information from this petition:


    A few sad things to note about the above petition on moveon.org:

    • moveon.org has disavowed this petition. You can read about it on the top of that page where they say that they will not promote the petition as it goes against their progressive views.
    • As of today only 47 signatures. What a shame. I’m thinking its due to the fact that people who are not victims of this menace don’t care, while the folks who are victims of this are too busy toiling to collect money to pay the lazy ex-spouse leeches. Poor guys/or sometimes gals! What can I say.

    In Summary:

    The sad thing is that many people are blind to issues that do not affect them. I wish to draw attention to this because I am greatly affected by it and I know there are millions of others who are going through the same situation.

    The system is bad and needs to be changed as it punishes the spouse that has worked their whole life when the other spouse chooses to stay home and do nothing. It is not only derogatory for the person but also derogatory for the entire humanity.

    Now for some Activism on this

    Here is what can we do to make this post viral and push for urgent Activism:

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