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  • Why we built InterskyNetwork Community for you

     freeman updated 1 year, 5 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • freeman

    October 13, 2021 at 11:59 pm

    We created InterskyNetwork Community to enable everyday folks like you and me to have a Space (Platform and Community) to have discussions, especially on topics that don’t seem to get any leverage on other Platforms and media.

    This is a Space to ask questions, support one another, and share common topics of interest in an inclusive and safe environment. As a guest, you can browse and search for the information you need but will need to create an account to post questions, respond to other members, track discussions, and fully take advantage of your community experience.

    Some of the areas that are underserved or are non existent are:

    • Rally against and build momentum and clout against the completely insane and archaic Family Laws prevalent in the US (and even other countries).
    • Healthcare system that is practically dysfunctional.
    • We can add more to the list…

    We can’t and should not let them (Legal system, Government, Special interest groups etc) take us for a ride like this. This Community is here to bring you together with equally passionate people ready for something new.

    A few things you’ll see quickly that make InterskyNetwork Community different:

    • It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer polls, and online or in-real-life events. Plus, by building this community off social media, you can have a more efficient and valuable experience with us and each other.There are More Ways for You to Meet Each Other.
    • There are more ways for you to meet each other. There are more ways for you to meet people who are near you, who fall into the same categories, or who care about the same topics. We can’t get this in free groups or on a website elsewhere.
    • We Can Bring Together Content and Community. This means we’re freed up to bring you new, fresh ideas and new practices that you can take into your daily life.

    What You Should Expect From InterskyNetwork Community

    We’re aiming to make your experience here awesome. We want you to get five key things from InterskyNetwork Community:

    • Get exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.
    • Meet people who share your interests who live near you, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics.
    • Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.
    • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
    • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

    To make this a reality, we’re going to need your help. Every time you contribute a story, experience, or idea, you’re building a knowledge base every member of this community can tap to make better decisions. And when you invite in as few as two new members, you’re adding rocket fuel to what this community can accomplish together. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Lets go!

    • This discussion was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  freeman.
    • This discussion was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by  freeman.
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